Barnes Family

Barnes Family
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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Back in January Lyle turned to me and stated that he wanted to take the kids to Disneyland.  I was SHOCKED! He never wants to spend money.  About a week later I got on the website so I could see how much it was going to be.  He took over the computer and started putting the trip together.  It just so happens that all of our spring breaks landed on the same week.  (Not a small feat as we have my University, Austin's High School, The three middle ones elementary school, and Williams preschool to schedule around)
Due to me being in Nursing school I was to busy to plan anything so I left it up to him.  We waiting until the beginning of March for our tax return to come in.  I thought for sure he would tell us we were not going but when the tax return hit the bank account he was on-line purchasing the tickets and getting the hotel rooms.
 This was by far one of the best family trips we ever took.  It was very expensive for the whole family but the kids still talk about it daily.  We went to the beach on Monday, Disneyland on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Knottsberry Farm on Friday.  We came home on Saturday and went to the George Patton Museum on our way home.
 Lyle is talking about doing the trip again in a couple of years so I think he had fun also.
You might notice that William is not in this picture.  He was not happy with Goofy because his Fight School Ride was scary, so he did not want to even be near him.

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